Clients Love The Work That I Do. You Will, Too.

I've worked with many entrepreneurs, executives, marketers, and publicists in several industries. The one thing that ties them together? They are all thrilled at my team's strategic and data-driven outlook, collaborative working style, and—most importantly—the results my messaging brings them. I'll let them tell you—in their own words—through the following testimonials.

Jay understood my brand, its direction, and its purpose. With this, he created excellent copy specifically targeted to my customers. We have since increased sales by 5x.

If you are looking for someone who understands your customers, brand, and the way you want to be seen, work with Jay Rooney. Your customers will understand you more. You will make more money. And you will save time.
— Miles O'Brien, SoccerTee

Throughout the entire time I worked with Jay, he was very easy to work with, displayed a collaborative mindset, and was committed to team work, both with ourselves and with our clients.

Jay was always focused on results and only developed content that would help our clients meet their goals. He seemed to have a natural ability to create text that engaged our buyer personas, and at the correct buying stage.
— Emilia Chagas, Contentools

Jay’s voice is sensitive, bold, authentic, and it has a sense of humor that we desperately needed at the time.

Working with Jay on numerous projects, I found that he is not only very adept at speaking to a target audience, but he also has a strategic mind for content, which made him an invaluable resource for our editorial team.
— Shōkai Sinclair, Jewish Federation of the East Bay

I recommend against going into the court of public opinion with professional excuse makers. Hire Jay Rooney instead, and build a case that will stand for you.
— Jack Saunders, Public Relations Veteran

Jay is in a class of his own. He is a true professional, and a value to any organization.
— Javier Coto, MSIT, MBA, PMP