The D.O.T Method


The D.O.T. Method is my proprietary process for writing high-converting copy based on years of experience and studies in human decision-making.

Copy written through the D.O.T. Method has, in some cases, increased conversions (sales) by 500%

The D.O.T. Method is applicable to any piece of copy, for any organization, in any industry.


How does the D.O.T. Method work?


Stage 1 : Discover

The research and discovery phase

Collection and evaluation of all data relevant to the project

Possibly the most important phase; informs how project plays out


Stage 2 : OPTIMIZE

The actual “writing” phase

Data obtained through discovery is applied, with persuasive writing techniques and optimization best practices, throughout the creative process

The end result is content that’s fully-optimized for the target audience


Stage 3 : TEST

The final phase, and another important one.

Optimized copy is tested “in the wild” and iterated (improved) upon based on testing data

Testing tells you what works and what doesn’t; it makes full optimization possible

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— Jack Saunders, Public Relations Veteran