Mission Statement

“The written word is the strongest source of power in the entire universe.” ~Gary Halbert

I founded Rooney Ink because I believe in the transformative power of great communications and great copy, and in its potential to vault organizations to new levels of performance, growth, and success. My mission is to share this power with as many companies as possible, and empower marketers, entrepreneurs, and executives alike to achieve their goals.

Meet the Founder


Prof. Jay Rooney

Copywriter, Content Strategist, Marketing Professor, Publicist, and Founder of Rooney Ink

Prof. Jay Rooney is a seasoned copywriter, content strategist, marketing consultant, and marketing communications professor in Berkeley, CA. He founded Rooney Ink because of his strong belief that every business should experience the power of great communications and great copy. 

Equipped with a strategic and growth-oriented mindset, over 12 years of experience as a professional communicator, an unrivaled and inimitable writing style, and fluency in proven and persuasive copywriting techniques, Prof. Rooney is on a mission to spread the power of words to every corner of the business world.

He has driven results—from increasing sales by 500% to getting placements in the Wall Street journal—for organizations in multiple industries, throughout the country.

He serves on the board of the San Francisco Public Relations Round Table, one of the oldest and most selective professional communications organizations in the country.

His MBA students at Golden Gate University consistently earn scholarships, awards, and—most importantly—early and sustained success in their own careers.

And he wants to help you achieve your business goals through the power of delivering your message to your people.

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Headshot by Cheryl Bigman

Jay’s voice is sensitive, bold, authentic, and it has a sense of humor that we desperately needed at the time.

Working with Jay on numerous projects, I found that he is not only very adept at speaking to a target audience, but he also has a strategic mind for content, which made him an invaluable resource for our editorial team.
— Shōkai Sinclair, Jewish Federation of the East Bay